Screenshotting Chrome Extension to Capture Web Pages

Screenshotting Made Easy

Get the Screenshotting Chrome extension to take screenshots from the web. It offers one-click capture and is free to use

Key Features

Here is what you can do by using Go Screenshotting


One-click Capture


Full Website Capture


Single Webpage Capture


Custom Area Capture


Save as PDF


Save as Image


Custom Cropping


Works Everywhere

Key Features

Here is what you can do by using Go Screenshotting

How To Use

Forget any 3rd party apps or manual editing. Website Capture any screen or content in just one click.

Revolutionized Screen Capturing

Go Screenshotting goes beyond the ordinary screen capturing. It is the integration of the most demanded market features.

Custom Area Capture

Full Page Capture

Web Page Capture

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Franz Kafka
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Works just fine for me. a tool with which I can take a full page screenshot instead of taking multiple screenshots with snipping tool. so I like it
Randy Ortan
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For the longest time, I had to take multiple snips and edit them in paint or use Firefox, which has long had a full-screen snip tool. So glad this came along
Brown Lilli
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Love it, works great, saved me a lot of time when designing web pages. Sending a preview of a page to my customer was never easier.
Cate Klen
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No nonsense excellent screen capture. Way to go guys and gals. Keep it simple and you guys were able to do that. My hat is off to you. Best screen capture I've used
Walid Damoni
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This extension works quickly to snap a large screenshot of the webpage you desire. The options are great too. This is very useful,.


Go- Screenshotting is a trusted screen capturing chrome extension that enables users to screenshot their screens with ease. After capturing the screenshots users can edit the images and later, they can save them in .jpeg & PDF format. 

You can easily take a full-page screenshot in one click on your windows laptop or desktop by installing the Go Screenshotting extension or by pressing the print screen key on your keyboard. 

Install the Go Screenshotting extension and easily save the screenshot as a PDF on your Windows device or you can also use Adobe Acrobat to save the screenshots as PDF. 

Go screenshotting is the best chrome screenshot extension can be considered one of the best and simple to use tool to take a screenshot on windows. The captured screenshots can be easily edited with an inbuilt image editor and users can also add text to the image. 

There are many tools available online to capture customized size screenshots. Among these tools, Go screenshotting is the most reliable and safe to use extension. 

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