Captura de pantalla fácil

Obtén la extensión Screenshotting Chrome para tomar captura de pantalla de la web. Ofrece captura con un clic y es de uso gratuito.

captura de pantalla Caracteristicas clave

Caracteristicas clave

Esto es lo que puede hacer con Go Screenshotting

Cómo utilizar

Olvídese de cualquier aplicación de terceros o edición manual. Sitio web Capture cualquier pantalla o contenido con solo un clic.
captura de pantalla Cómo utilizar

Captura de pantalla revolucionada

Go Screenshotting va más allá de la captura de pantalla ordinaria. Es la integración de las funcionalidades más demandadas del mercado.

Captura de área personalizada

Captura de área personalizada

Captura de página completa

Captura de página completa

Captura de página web

Captura de página web

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Franz Kafka
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Works just fine for me. a tool with which I can take a full page screenshot instead of taking multiple screenshots with snipping tool. so I like it
Randy Ortan
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For the longest time, I had to take multiple snips and edit them in paint or use Firefox, which has long had a full-screen snip tool. So glad this came along
Brown Lilli
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Love it, works great, saved me a lot of time when designing web pages. Sending a preview of a page to my customer was never easier.
Cate Klen
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No nonsense excellent screen capture. Way to go guys and gals. Keep it simple and you guys were able to do that. My hat is off to you. Best screen capture I've used
Walid Damoni
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This extension works quickly to snap a large screenshot of the webpage you desire. The options are great too. This is very useful,.

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