Full Page Screenshot : Easy Steps to Take Screenshots on MAC and PC

How to take full page screenshot

How to take full page screenshot

full page screenshot

Taking a screenshot is more like a needy thing, but have you ever felt like that sometimes you just need to save the whole page in one screenshot but don’t know how or you don’t want to take multiple screenshots? Well, we have a solution for that issue, and the solution is Go screenshotting browser extension, yes you heard me right. This extension not only lets you take a normal screenshot but also a whole page screenshot. But you might wonder how that could even be possible, Right? Don’t worry because here is an explanation for that too. First of all, you have to open that website or webpage that you want to capture in one screenshot. After that just click on the extension, and click the whole page. Now what will happen is that the extension will take full page screenshots and will scroll the page by itself and when there is nothing left on the page it will stop taking any more screenshots and will add all of the screenshots into one screenshot and will provide you that as the output, later you can edit it or save it. 

Benefits of taking full page screenshot

Capturing a web page pixel by pixel can be quite useful if you want to show others how a web page looks. You could be providing input on a design or sharing a compelling offer with a friend. Instead of typing long descriptions, take a screenshot of the entire page. This will help you save time.

Better yet, you can easily save the image to your PC, upload it to Slack (if you’re talking to coworkers), or mail a friend once you’re through.

If you’re developing a visual database or archive, taking entire page screenshots can be handy. It’s simple to find previous versions of the same thing.

Take a full-page screenshot that illustrates where you found the facts you’re quoting, for example, if your source is the IMF.

The Goscreenshotting chrome addon is free to download from the Google Chrome store. To use it on the fly, all you have to do is download it and pin it to your taskbar.

The Goscreenshotting plugin is designed to assist users in quickly capturing web pages or their entire screen. This is done when someone enjoys something on the page and wants to share it right away with another individual or group with similar interests or for work purposes.

The following are some of the primary advantages of the extension:

  1. Screenshot of the entire page
  2. The capture of a specific area
  3. Screen capture that is visible
  4. Save your screenshots as PDF or JPEG files.
  5. Chrome-enabled PCs and laptops are supported.
  6. The capture of high-quality images

How to take full page screenshot using Go screenshotting extension

  1. To begin, go to the Google web browser and look for chrome extensions.
  2. Now, select the first website link that appears.
  3. Now look for the Go screenshotting extension here.
  4. When you click install, the extension will begin to download and install itself.
  5. Wait till everything is completed.
  6. After the extension has been installed, go to the website you wish to take a screenshot of and click on the extensions logo to select your Go screenshotting extension.
  7. They will present you with three possibilities, but you must select the one that you prefer.
  8. After selecting the option to finish the screenshot-taking procedure,
  9. Check if your screenshot is good after that, and if it is, follow me.
  10. You will now be given a few more options, including the ability to edit the screenshot or export it in JPG or PDF format.
  11. The screenshot will be saved in your Downloads folder by default, but they will still ask you where you want to keep it.

How to crop a screenshot on MacBook?

Just like inside your MacBook, if you need to take a screenshot and apply an extension to enhance it, this great extension will make taking screenshots clean and easy. We’ve downloaded that extension and we’re ready to take a screenshot, and we can now further edit it, but we need it. There is a special kind of screenshot that can be used with the 

computer. For example, it has revolutionized the display of images by allowing them to move across the screen. And this option is the most in-demand. 

How do I take a cropped screenshot?

To take a cropped screenshot, you must press a key like Ctrl and PrtScn at the same time. Pressing this key fully captures the entire screen with the open menu. 

Then you have to choose a mode and choose what you want. In some of the older variants, you won’t find any mod options, but you’ll see an arrow next to the new button. 

Once you have the correct model, select the display location to take a screenshot of. This feature is called custom seizing inside the Goscreenshot extension. 

 So you can use this great Goscreenshotting extension to take cropped screenshots. Just download this extension to your gadget and you’re ready to take a cropped screenshot. It can be used with any gadget, old or new.  Forget the other packages if you have 

 Goscreenshotting. Get any display or content on your website with one click. Get special screenshots in a very short time. It helps to further grab custom places and entire web pages. 

Also, the pleasing element of this extension is that you can save your photos in pdf format and take custom photos. 

How reliable is this tool?

Well, speaking of whether the tool is reliable or not, let’s first check what this extension has to offer.

  1. Entire Page Capture 
  2. Single Web Page Capture 
  3. Custom Page Area Capture
  4. One-Click Capture
  5. Save the file as a PDF or JPG

 Well, that’s a lot of possibilities and if someone offers this extension as a free product, I should be grateful.

Multiple Privacy Policy Consent: 

  • What do they do with your information

They understand the value of your privacy and they will never sell it. they only disclose your information with your permission or in the way you would expect us to. In other words, they will transmit the information as necessary to complete one of your transactions or as required by law. 

To fulfill our obligations to you, they may share information with our service providers (the companies they work with). These are companies that provide services on our behalf, including helping maintain our products and providing legal, banking, security, payment processing, marketing, and customer support. Please note that any information they share with service providers is for the reasons set out in this Privacy Policy and not for your Visible screen capture use. 

  • How do they protect your information?

they take the security of your personal information seriously. they have implemented physical and technical safeguards and dedicated staff to protect your information. 

These safeguards include anti-malware, end-to-end encryption, access control, vulnerability assessment, and more. 

Despite our best efforts, they cannot guarantee that your information will not be accessed, viewed, disclosed, modified, or deleted as a result of a violation of our actions. When you provide information to us, you do so at your own risk. 


Well, the takeaway from all of this is that if you want to take screenshots, you must use the Go browser extension to take screenshots, and don’t use snippets or screenshots by default as you do on Windows or Mac. Configuring this extension is not as difficult as already mentioned, so you should already be prepared for it.

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