Crop Screenshot : Easy ways to crop screenshot on MAC and Windows

How To Crop Screenshot? Guide For Windows & Mac Users

How to crop screen shot on windows

Do you always capture screenshots on your Windows and Mac devices, then search for an online screenshot editor tool to edit and annotate the screenshots? If yes, then you do not need to use two different tools from now on. The Go screenshotting extension allows you to capture and edit screenshots strictly as per your requirements. You can easily crop and edit the screenshots using the inbuilt editor. You can add text, shapes, and different emojis to the captured screenshots. The Screenshotting inbuilt editor lets users insert any external images into the captured screenshot. With the Go screenshotting extension, you can easily capture high-quality full-page screenshots without scrolling the page in one click. You can also convert screenshots into PDF format for quick and easy sharing.

How To Crop A Screenshot On Windows 10?

If you are familiar with snipping tool, you know it very well that it does not allow you to edit your screenshots. So if you want to crop or edit the screenshots on Windows and MAC, you only have to use any online editor tool. So it is not a good idea to capture screenshot using a different tool then going to a different online editor to crop and edit your screenshot. So it is better to use Go screenshotting chrome extension which fulfills both of your requirements at the same place. Here is the step by step guide to crop screenshot on Windows and MAC:-

  • Install the Go screenshotting extension from the download button given below or install it from the chrome web store.

  • Visit any webpage that you want to screenshot.
  • Choose any one screenshotting option- Full page, visible area, Customized area
  • After capturing screenshot, if you want to edit it, click on Edit option.
  • You can easily crop your screenshot and add text, shapes, and arrows. You can also add any external images to your captured screenshot.
  • Click on PDF, if you want to save screenshot in PDF format.
  • Click on Image, if you want to save screenshot in normal .jpeg format.

How To Crop A Screenshot On a MacBook?

If you are a MAC user and searching a common tool which allows you to capture and edit screenshots together then you can install the go screenshotting extension and follow the same method explained above.

To take a screenshot in a MacBook you need to press three keys altogether that are shift, command, and number key 3. And your screenshot has been taken and is now saved on the desktop. If you want to edit your screenshot you can see a thumbnail at the corner of the desktop, you can further edit your screenshot or simply you can open the folder of screenshots on your laptop and select the image you want to edit.

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How To Take A Cropped Screenshot?

You can either use extension or snipping tool to capture cropped screenshots on your laptop and desktop. The drawback of Snipping tool is that it does not allow you to edit and annotate screenshots.

Therefore, you can use Go screenshotting to take a cropped screenshot. You just need to install this extension and you are ready to take a cropped screenshot. You can capture any screen or any content on your webpage in just a single click. It supports custom area capture and full page capture also. Moreover, the best thing about this tool is you can even save your image in the form of a pdf.

Capturing Full Page Screenshot of ChatGPT Responses

Capturing a full-page screenshot of ChatGPT responses with ChatGPT for Google Chrome can be a useful way to save and share the conversation history. By using go screenshotting extension, users can easily take full-page screenshots of the chat interface, including both the user’s questions and the AI’s responses. This can be helpful for documenting conversations, sharing information with others, or simply keeping a record of past interactions with ChatGPT. Overall, capturing full-page screenshots can be a convenient way to preserve and share the valuable information generated by AI language model.

Install ChatGPT Google Extension


Some screenshots are neither entirely useful nor totally useless. In order to just keep the required, necessary part the best way is to crop the image according to your own requirements. Therefore “go screenshotting” is an essential tool that can fulfill the requirement of every device.

FAQs About Cropping The Screenshots On Windows & MAC

How to crop screenshot on PC?

Please don’t waste your time using two different tools-one for capturing screenshots and the second for editing the screenshots. Simply install the Go screenshotting extension and capture and edit screenshots in the same place.

How to crop screenshot on MacBook air?

There are two options. -First is the online editor tools. The second is the Go screenshotting extension, which allows you to capture & crop, edit, and annotate the screenshots in few clicks only.

How to take a cropped screenshot on Windows & MAC?

The easiest and simplest way to take a cropped screenshot is by installing the Go Screenshotting Chrome extension because it also allows you to easily edit, crop and annotate the screenshots.

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