How to Crop Screenshot? Guide For Windows & Mac Users

How to Crop Screenshot? Guide For Windows & Mac Users

How to crop screen shot on windows

Taking screenshots is quite easy both on a laptop or on a phone. It would help you to get an image quickly from any video or any of the websites. Moreover, some mobile phones and laptops do not have the feature of taking a screenshot. Need not worry, there is an amazing tool for those whose devices do not support the feature of screenshots with the crop a screenshot option. This tool is, you just need to download this tool on your mobile phone and when you are done you will be able to take screenshots anytime now.

Many times we just require a particular part of the image from the entire screenshotted picture. Here cropping the image is the best option to keep the required part of the image and throw the rest. Many devices nowadays have the feature of screenshotting but those who do not have one need not worry, there is an amazing tool for such devices as well. This tool is, you just need to download this extension on your device and when you are done you will be able to take screenshots anytime now. Once the screenshot is captured, cropping it is not a difficult job as all you need to do is press Ctrl + PrtScn keys. Those devices that do not support the screenshotting feature can use the Goscreenshotting Chrome extension and not only get the chrome screenshot but also a cropped image. All you have to do is download the device and use it to either capture the screenshot or crop the image

How to crop a screenshot on Windows 10?

Now, you might have got to know how to take a screenshot on your device but if you want to crop it, it is more simple than taking the screenshot. To crop the screenshot you just need to open your gallery and then open the folder of screenshots that you have taken before. Choose the screenshot which you want to crop and click on the edit option for the image. There you will see a crop icon and you can crop your image according to your need.

Same in the case of windows 10, still there are some old models that do not allow the feature of taking a screenshot and you can’t edit the screenshot taken on your desktop.

By using the Goscreenshotting extension in your windows 10, you will also be able to edit or crop your Chrome screenshot to whatever extent you want. Just download this tool to your device and take the screenshot whenever you want also you can edit it however you want. is a specially made tool for taking screenshots and editing screenshot also. This tool has options to take different screenshots which include

  1. Custom Area Capture 
  2. Full page Capture
  3. Webpage Capture

You can use this tool easily, it has very simple steps.

  • First of all, you need to install the screenshot chrome extension in your device. Don’t worry, it supports all the devices.
  • After that visit or open the particular webpage that you want to capture.
  • Choose the three options given at the corner.
  • Select the type of capture you want and you are done. Save the image in a pdf or jpeg format on your device.

How to crop a screenshot on a MacBook?

To take a screenshot in a MacBook you need to press three keys altogether that are shift, command, and number key 3. And your screenshot has been taken and is now saved on the desktop. If you want to edit your screenshot you can see a thumbnail at the corner of the desktop, you can further edit your screenshot or simply you can open the folder of screenshots on your laptop and select the image you want to edit.

Same as in the MacBook, if you want to use an extension for capturing screenshots and editing them, this amazing extension can make your work easy and convenient Goscreenshoting. You just need to download this tool and you are ready to take a screenshot and you can now also edit it however you want.

It has different types of screenshots that you can capture on your computer. For example, it has revolutionized screen capturing which allows you to capture the screen to the beyond. And this feature is the most demanded one.

How to take a cropped screenshot?

To take a cropped screenshot you need to press two keys altogether that are Ctrl and PrtScn. Pressing these keys altogether will capture your whole screen as well as the open menu.

After that, you have to select the mode and choose whatever mode you want whereas in some older versions you won’t find the mode option, it will show you an arrow just next to the new button.

After selecting the particular mode, select the area of the screen in which you want to take a screenshot. This feature in the Goscreenshotting tool is known as custom capture.

Therefore, you can use this amazing tool Goscreenshotting to take a cropped screenshot. You just need to download this tool in your devices and you are ready to take a cropped screenshot. It is available for all devices whether old or new. 

Forget all other applications when you have Goscreenshotting with you. You can capture any screen or any content on your webpage in just a single click. Get different screenshots captured in a very short period of time. It supports custom area capture and full page capture also.

Moreover, the best thing about this tool is you can even save your image in the form of a pdf and it allows custom capturing too.

This tool is available anywhere and anytime and it supports every device.


Some screenshots are neither entirely useful nor totally useless. In order to just keep the required, necessary part the best way is to crop the image according to your own requirements. Therefore “” is an essential tool that can fulfill the requirement of every device, not only the ones which already support the screenshotting feature but also those who do not have it.

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