How to Print Screen on PC

Most of us are familiar with the small ‘print screen’ option on our PC. But, how useful is this option in our real lives? How many times did we want to print the screen on PC but didn’t want to go through all the trouble? Missed out on sharing prime content with friends or important material for work in an efficient manner?

Today, let’s answer these questions and provide a better solution for all your screenshotting needs on how to print screen on PC.


How to print screen on mac

For all our Mac users, there’s a thousand different ways on how to print screen on Macbook Air or Macbook Pro. However, this is the problem – there’s way too many ways that complicate a simple matter. Fortunately, the GoScreenshotting tool was built to give one simple solution for how to print screen on Apple.
There are multiple options for all types of screenshots that you may need for personal or work purposes on IOS. The easiest shortcut for screenshot on mac will be the keyboard combo – 1) Command+Shift+3 2) Command+Shift+4 (Custom area screenshot ) 3) Command+Shift+4+Spacebar ( Full web page screenshot ).
Another easy way to capture and save your screenshots in the desired manner is by using our screenshot chrome extension. Be it Full page screen capture, visible screen capture, or a custom area capture, this screenshot shortcut on Macbook will save your life. With Go Screenshotting, you can stop worrying about taking screenshots on Mac for showing exact information. Take full page screenshots for websites, simple shots of your screen, or crop to a precise area for that extra touch.

Whatever it is, Go Screenshotting chrome extension is with you.

How to print screen on Windows

Understanding how to print the screen on your PC shouldn’t be as difficult as it is now. With all these features on your Windows PC or laptop, taking a screenshot on pc almost feels like a military operation.

So, what’s the alternative? Want a screenshot shortcut on Windows? Want to screenshot on PC without print screen? How to send a screenshot on PC? Maybe use your superior screenshots to brag about your presentation skills at work? Make sure your friend doesn’t miss seeing that joke on Instagram just because they aren’t following the page?

Glad you asked. Because we can help with the easiest screenshot on PC shortcut.
Use Go Screenshotting, built especially for your easy use and getting better screenshots. With one click, you get a wide range of options to print screen on laptop and print screen on PC in different formats. You can save the screenshots in image, pdf, and any other format you would desire to be able to share. All it takes is one click for an easy link to all the screenshots that you desire, build a collection, and make yourself a screenshot royalty.

How to print screen on Chromebook

If you’re one among the many people who have searched how to screenshot on Chromebook, then this is for you. There are different ways you can screen capture on Chromebook, but here’s a way that will make screenshots forever simple.
Say goodbye to the many Google searches and boring conversations with other Chromebook users on how to take screenshots. Choose GoScreenshotting – screenshot on Chromebook shortcut – for an easy, and see the change in front of your eyes as a treasure trove of information opens up for you.
The best part is that there’s no learning curve – all you need is to install the tool and start using it! Select the area that you wish to take a shot of, press on the GoScreenshotting tool, and capture the moment. If you are wondering how to access screenshots on Chromebook, our tool allows you to save the screen capture in any desired format to access it whenever you want to do so.

Of course, there’s a dozen other options to screenshot on Chromebook, but when you have Go Screenshotting, do you really want another companion?

Happy Screenshotting!

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