How To Screenshot On Windows 7,8 & 10 | Screen capture for Windows

Screenshots are the currency of today’s generation. How many times have we used screenshots as proof for others’ actions? That being said, let’s talk about how to take a screenshot on Windows.

From chats with friends to important news articles, screen captures are involved in every step. There are moments where we use our mobiles for screenshots and then send them to our computer. We’re all here today to make sure this never happens.

Why Windows? Because Windows 7 to 10 are very popular among so many of us. There’s a certain level of nostalgia and flexibility attached with Windows. That always makes it edge beyond Apple Mac in use and preference.

Yet, we don’t know how to take a screenshot properly.

That changes today.

With our screenshot chrome extension, you will be able to perform full-page screen capture, custom area screenshots and visible screen capture all within a single click.

How to screenshot on Windows 10

It’s high time that you stop responding with a ‘print screen’ when someone asks you for a screenshot in Windows 10. That’s as outdated as floppy disks, sadly. Instead, we’re going to learn how to take a screenshot on Windows using a wonderful extension. With ‘Go Screenshotting’ by your side, your screenshotting worries are as good as gone.

Choose from multiple options like printing the visible screen, screenshot the entire webpage, or selecting an area. You also have the privilege of choosing from multiple formats to save the screenshots.


How to take screenshot on Windows 7

As trustworthy as Windows 7 is, there are limits to taking a screenshot on Windows. With ‘Go Screenshotting’, you’ve the option to upgrade the content you show others. Once you select the extension, you only need a cursor and an area in mind. The screenshot chrome extension does the rest of the work for you.

Once this is done, you can save your screenshots to a convenient location for all future uses. Whether you need it in an image format (jpeg, png, etc.) or pdf format, this tool has you covered.

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How to take screenshot on Windows 8

Windows 8 is such a steady balance between 7 and 10, providing features even for the technologically weak. However, when it comes to print screen windows 8, there is a gap.

No worries, ‘Go Screenshotting’ couldn’t come at a better time than this. The need for screenshots never really goes away, which is why the screenshot tool has an option even for taking a full-page screen capture. It’s this really cool option for taking a screenshot by scrolling down till wherever you want. Then, you can save this in the format you wish and use it whenever the need arises.

Sometimes, we need a specific area and nothing more than that. ‘Go Screenshotting’ has an option for that, too. With this, you can make sure that the image exactly covers what you need. Save this on your system in a location that’s easy to remember, making future use simple as well.

The unpredictable thing with screenshots is that you never know when you need one. ‘Go Screenshotting’ has recognized this need and ensured that it’s available for your needs. With all these options and creative ways, it’s a surprise that taking screen capture for windows can be made fun!

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