Picture this. You have come across your favorite author’s website or a really cool meme on your Mac that you want to show your friends. There’s a slight problem – you don’t know how to take a screenshot on Mac.

Sure, you can read about it from a billion websites, but all they tell you is to press a million buttons. Or print the entire screen and go to Word, crop what you want, and then save it as a picture. Don’t all of this sound troublesome?

No worries, let’s introduce you to a much easier way!

How to do a screenshot on Mac

Taking screenshots should be easier than finishing a packet of chips. To take a screenshot in Mac, all you’re going to need is to download the GoScreenshotting extension on your browser! With this extension, you have three great options available to to help with a screen capture mac shortcut.

Suppose you only want a screen capture in Mac with the specific portion and nothing more should be visible. ‘Go Screenshotting’ has a special option for that, too! It allows you to take a screenshot and form an image of the portion of your screen that you need.

Finally, the chrome screenshot extension also lets you take a full page screen capture, which is the best option. Haven’t you always wondered how other people could take these really cool, long screenshots? Well, here’s your answer!

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How to print screen on Mac

So, you’ve seen something cool and want a picture for the books.

Who doesn’t?

Therefore, we’re here to assist you on this adventure. To print the entire screen, the ‘GoScreenshotting’ tool will get you whatever is visible on your browser. Of course, this doesn’t drag in the unwanted elements like the taskbar or the tabs open on your screen. Take a click of what you like and save it in image, pdf or other formats, too.

What if you want the entire website in one long, sweet screenshot? GoScreenshotting chrome extension has you covered! Click the option, roll down till the end, and be super cool about at you next meeting.

How to find the screenshots on Mac

With ‘GoScreenshotting’, you’ve an option to save your screenshots in the desired format. After focusing on the area of screenshot, the extension asks you the format you wish to save it in. There’s image (jpeg, png, etc.), pdf, and much more.

Once these are selected, you always have the option to save it to the location you prefer. Find these anytime you want, fresh and saved for ready use!

Happy screenshotting!

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