On a computer, how do you capture and save a screenshot to PDF?

On a computer, how do you capture and save a screenshot to PDF?

screenshot to PDF

It’s amazing to be able to save anything you see on the internet that instantly connects with you, references to a recent experience, and/or makes you feel almost entitled to share with your friends and family for a hearty laugh or a lively debate. It’s much easier to catch this on your phone because it’s simply a button push or a screen swipe away. There are several ways to screengrab content from a PC or laptop, which is not as simple as collecting content from a phone (i.e. if your PC doesn’t have an extension loaded like ours) but is easier than prior PCs. I’m not going to show you how to take a screenshot on a computer but how to save a screenshot to PDF.

Downloading a screenshot chrome extension, such as the one we’ve given, is a simple way to capture screenshots in addition to the ways indicated above. With just one click, you may take screenshots of the entire homepage, visible area, or client section. On a PC or laptop, it’s the easiest way to capture a screen.

After you save the screenshot, it is now immediately stored on your desktop. Create a folder first, then open the terminal app and paste the following: defaults Specify the location of the apple. screen capture. Once you’ve completed, drag the relevant snapshot folder to the terminal program and press enter. You can also change the file format in which the screenshot is saved using the same terminal app location mentioned above.

Installing the Go screenshotting tool extension, which allows you to capture displays in a variety of methods, is another simple option to capture your screen.

Disadvantages of taking screenshots with default tools

Taking screenshots is just a normal thing in our day to day life, and most people don’t even realize that the way they take screenshots isn’t reliable way and there is a much better option they can choose but, due to new generations coming people have become lazy to search for alternate options well now you don’t have to because we already did that for you. When you take screenshots with your device Windows or Mac you are being restricted with several options only like you can’t get to choose what format you want to save the screenshot in, or what should be the quality of the screenshot. It just adjusts everything to a default point. Also, you won’t be able to take screenshots like whole page screenshots, scrolling screenshots, saving a screenshot to pdf, etc.

If I’m going to discuss disadvantages then this blog is never going to end, but we aren’t here to tell you what are the disadvantages but we are here to show you the tool that you should use instead of the default screenshotting tool.

How to save screenshot to PDF using the Go screenshotting extension

Now we got to the actual topic and that is Go screenshotting browser extension. First, this browser size is considerably low so you won’t even feel like you have installed an extension for taking screenshots. And another thing is that this extension will let you take screenshots in the highest possible quality and you get to choose whether you save the screenshot as a JPG file or as a PDF file. using this options you can directly save a screenshot to PDF without using any external tools to convert that.

Here below are the steps with the help of you can use the Go screenshotting extension

  • First of all, goto google web browser and search for chrome extensions
  • Now click on the first visible website link
  • Now here search for Go screenshotting extension
  • Click on install and it will start to download the extension and will install it automatically
  • Wait till everything is done
  • After the extension will be added to the browser, go to your preferred website which you want to take a screenshot of
  • Now after you have opened that website, click on the extensions logo and choose your Go screenshotting extension
  • They will show you three different options but you need to choose the option that you want
  • After choosing the option, complete the taking screenshot process
  • After the check, if your screenshot is good, follow me
  • Now you will be given a few more options, you can either edit the screenshot or save the screenshot in JPG format or PDF format.
  • The default location for the screenshot will be in your downloads folder, but they will still ask you where you want to save that screenshot.

Congrats you have successfully taken a screenshot

Is this extension dependable to save a screenshot to PDF?

While judging if this extension is dependable or not, let’s first take a look at the features it’s offering:

  • Capture Full Page Screen 
  • Capture Single Webpage 
  • Capture Custom Area Page 
  • Capture with an unmarried click
  • Save the document as a PDF
  • Save as a picture

Custom cropping is beneficial in quite a few situations. Read this article to know more about Goscreenshotting snipping tools

Well, that’s quite a few functions and we have to admire that a person is imparting this extension as an unfastened product. 

Few Privacy coverage agreements:

  • What they do together along with your facts

Screenshotting – Full Page Capture knows the fee of your nonpublic facts and in no way sells it. they most effectively divulge your facts together with your permission or in methods you’d anticipate, because of this that they’re going to proportion it if it is essential to satisfy one in every one of your transactions or if they are legally required to. 

 To satisfy our obligations to you, they will proportion facts with our provider companies (corporations that perform for and with us). These are corporations who provide offerings on our behalf, consisting of supporting us to hold our items and imparting legal, banking, security, charge processing, marketing, and client care assistance. Please be conscious that any facts they proportion with our provider companies are for the motives cited on this Privacy Policy and now no longer for his or her personal use. 

  • How do they maintain your facts safe?

they feel the protection of your non-public facts. they have installed regional bodily and technological protections to stabilize your facts and feature dedicated personnel to do so. 

These precautions consist of anti-malware protection, give up-to-give up encryption, getting admission to control, vulnerability assessment, and more. 

 Despite our exceptional efforts, they can not assure you that personal facts will now no longer be accessed, viewed, disclosed, changed, or deleted as an outcome of any of our measures being breached. You do it at your chance while you offer us facts. 


Well, all these things believe that in case you need to take a screenshot you have to use the Go screenshotting browser extension in preference to the usage of the default snipping or screenshot taking the manner of Windows or Mac. Well, it’s now no longer tough to install this extension as already cited the way to do that, so that you have to be accurate to go together with that already.

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