Screenshot to PDF: Save any screenshots directly to PDF with extension

On a computer, how do you capture and save a screenshot to PDF?

On a computer, how do you capture and save a screenshot to PDF?

screenshot to PDF

Most of the time, we need to print screenshots in high quality images or in PDF format so that after taking the printouts, all details are clearly visible on the screenshots. If you want to know how to convert screenshots to PDF and how to annotate PDF files, then you are about to get a solution for this. Go Screenshotting is a reliable and trusted Chrome extension that lets users capture high-quality, printable screenshots. If you need screenshots in PDF format, it can also convert all your screenshots into PDF format. If you need an annotated screenshot PDF, then simply edit your screenshots using the inbuilt editor and save them as a PDF. 

How to save screenshot to PDF using the Go screenshotting extension

Go Screenshotting extension will let you take screenshots in the highest possible quality and you get to choose whether you save the screenshot as a JPG file or as a PDF file. using this options you can directly save a screenshots to PDF without using any external tools to convert them.

Here below are the steps with the help of you can use the Go screenshotting extension

  • 1. First of all install the Go Screenshotting extension from the download button given below or visit the Chrome web store to download it.
  • 2. After installing the extension go to your preferred website which you want to take a screenshot of
  • 3. Click on the extension icon to enable it.
  • 4. Capture Full page, Customized page area or visible page area according to your need.
  • 5. Now you can either edit the screenshot or save the screenshot in JPG format or PDF format.

Disadvantages of taking screenshots with default tools

Taking screenshots is just a normal thing in our day-to-day lives, and most people don’t even realize that the way they take screenshots isn’t the most reliable way, and there is a much better option they can choose. When you take screenshots on Windows or Mac using inbuilt tools you can’t choose what format you want to save the screenshot in, or what the quality of the screenshot should be. It just adjusts everything to a default point. Also, you won’t be able to take screenshots like whole page screenshots, scrolling screenshots and you will not be able to save screenshots in PDF.

Is this extension dependable to save a screenshot to PDF?

Yes 100% this Chrome extension is a reliable and trusted Chrome extension. It converts all your screenshots in PDF in one click only. Once you convert your screenshots in PDF you can easily take printout of your screenshots in a very high resolution.

Key features of Go screenshotting extension:-

  • Capture Full Page Screen 
  • Capture Single Webpage 
  • Capture Custom Area Page 
  • Save the screenshot as a PDF


Go screenshotting Chrome extension allows you to capture all the different screenshots on Windows or Mac. It’s now no longer difficult to take a screenshot and convert it to high quality PDF.

How to convert screenshot to PDF on Windows?

The simplest way to convert screenshots to PDF is by installing the Go Screenshotting Chrome extension because it allows you to capture screenshots and convert them to PDF in the same place.

How can I convert jpg format screenshot to PDF on MAC?

Simply install the Go Screenshotting Chrome extension & easily convert jpg screenshots in PDF.

How to save screenshot as PDF on MAC & windows?

If you want a one-stop solution for capturing screenshots and saving them in PDF then the Go Screenshotting extension is the best solution for you.

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