How to take long scrolling screenshot on PC and MAC

How to take long scrolling screenshot on PC and MAC

Scrolling Screenshot

Taking a screenshot is more of a necessity, but have you ever felt the urge to preserve an entire page in a single screenshot but don’t know how or don’t want to take many screenshots? We have a solution for that problem, and it’s called the Go screenshotting browser plugin. Yes, you read that correctly. This plugin allows you to take a regular screenshot as well as a scrolling screenshot. But, right now, you’re probably wondering how that’s even feasible. Don’t worry, we have an answer for it as well. To begin, open the website or webpage that you wish to capture in a single snapshot, then click on the extension and choose the entire page. What will happen now is that the extension will take screenshots and scroll the page by itself until there is nothing left on the page, at which point it will stop taking screenshots and combine all of the screenshots into one screenshot, which you can edit or save later.

Benefits of taking scrolling screenshots

Say goodbye to capturing a series of static screenshots that record only the viewable portion of a webpage. Sharing webpage content should become more convenient and time-consuming now that you know how to take a scrolling screenshot in Chrome. Additionally, some screen recording tools for Windows and macOS allow you to edit screenshots, allowing you to highlight the most relevant information on the page.

If you want to demonstrate to others how a web page looks, pixel-by-pixel capture might be quite handy. You could be giving feedback on a design or sharing a great deal with a buddy. Take a screenshot of the complete page instead of entering extensive descriptions. As a consequence, you will be able to save time.

Better yet, once you’re through, you can easily download the image to your PC, upload it to Slack (if you’re talking to coworkers), or email it to a friend.

If you’re developing a visual database or archive, taking whole page screenshots can be handy. Previous versions of the same thing are easy to find.

You can also take a screenshot of an entire website and share it with others so they can see what kind of website you desire.

How to take a Long scrolling screenshot using the Go screenshotting extension

  • To begin, go to the Google web browser and look for chrome extensions.
  • Now, choose the first website link that appears.
  • Now look for the Go screenshotting addon here.
  • When you click install, the extension will begin to download and install itself.
  • Wait till everything is completed.
  • After the extension has been installed, go to the website you wish to take a screenshot of and click on the extension’s logo to choose your Go screenshotting extension.
  • They will provide you with three possibilities. However, you must choose the entire page option since we need to capture the scrolling screenshot.
  • Now it will automatically scroll through the whole page and snap a single screenshot of the entire page.
  • You will now be offered a few additional choices, including the ability to modify the screenshot or export it in JPG or PDF format.
  • The screenshot will be saved in your Downloads folder by default, but they will still ask you where you want to keep it.

How to crop a screenshot on a MacBook?

Same as withinside the MacBook, in case you need to apply an extension for taking pictures, screenshots and enhancing them, this outstanding extension could make your paintings clean and handy Go screenshotting. You simply want to download this device and you’re prepared to take a screenshot and you may now additionally edit it but you need. 

 It has special kinds of screenshots that you may seize for your computer. For example, it has revolutionized display taking pictures which let you seize the display to the beyond. And this option is the maximum demanded one.

How to take a cropped screenshot?

To take a cropped screenshot you want to press keys altogether which might be Ctrl and PrtScn. Pressing those keys altogether will seize your entire display in addition to the open menu.

After that, you need to pick out the mode and pick something mode you need while in a few older variations you won’t discover the mode option, it’ll display you an arrow simply after the brand new button. 

After deciding on the precise model, pick out the place of the display that you need to take a screenshot of. This function withinside the Go screenshotting device is called custom seize. 

Therefore, you may use this outstanding device Go screenshotting to take a cropped screenshot. You simply want to download this device on your gadgets and you’re prepared to take a cropped screenshot. It is to be had for all gadgets whether or not vintage or new. 

Forget all different packages if you have to Go screenshotting with you. You can seize any display or any content material for your website with only an unmarried click. Get special screenshots captured in a completely brief duration of time. It helps custom place seize and complete web page size additionally. 

Moreover, the satisfactory factor about this device is you may even store your photo withinside the shape of a pdf and it lets in custom taking pictures too. 

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Is Scrolling Screenshot tool reliable?

Well while talking about if the tool is reliable or not, first of all, let’s check what this extension offers.

  • Capture Full Page Screen 
  • Capture Single Webpage 
  • Capture Custom Area Page 
  • Capture with a single click
  • Save the file as a PDF
  • Save as a picture
  • Custom cropping is useful in a variety of situations.

Well, that’s a lot of features and we should appreciate that someone is providing this extension as a free product.

Few Privacy policy agreements:

  • What they do with your information

Screenshotting – Full Page Capture understands the value of your personal information and never sells it. We only disclose your information with your permission or in ways you’d anticipate, which means we’ll share it if it’s necessary to fulfill one of your transactions or if we’re legally required to.

To fulfill our responsibilities to you, they may share information with our service providers (companies that operate for and with us). These are companies who offer services on our behalfs, such as helping us maintain our goods and providing legal, banking, security, payment processing, marketing, and customer care assistance. Please be aware that any information we share with our service providers is for the reasons mentioned in this Privacy Policy and not for their use.

  • How do they keep your information safe?

We value the safety of your personal information. We have put in place physical and technological protections to secure your information and have a committed staff to do so.

These precautions include anti-malware protection, end-to-end encryption, access control, vulnerability assessment, and more.

Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that user information will not be accessed, viewed, disclosed, changed, or deleted as of a consequence of any of our measures being breached. You do it at your own risk when you provide us with information.


Well, all this stuff concludes that if you want to take a screenshot you should use the Go screenshotting browser extension instead of using the default snipping or screenshot taking the way of Windows or Mac. Well, it’s not hard to set up this extension as already mentioned how to do that, so you should be good to go with that already.

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